Summer Fun @ The Learning Dog Academy

June: Doggie Olympics

You and your dog can compete for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. Each contestant will have 30 minutes to warm up and compete in their chosen events. Each contestant will receive a post-event treat. Winners will be awarded a medal. All participant’s photos will be displayed at The Learning Dog Academy,  on our website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.  All events will be videotaped/photographed. Winners will be announced June 30.


  • Bobbing for Bones: How many treats can your dog get from the fountain in 1 minute? Whoever gets the most wins the Gold!
  • Treat Toss: How far away from you can your dog catch a treat? The longest distance gets the Gold!
  • Obstacle Courses: There are two different courses to try. Win the Gold by completing the course in the fastest time.
  • Sand Digging: ¬†How fast can your dog find the hidden treat in the sandbox? The Gold goes to the fastest digger!
  • Freestyle: Does your dog know¬†any fun tricks? Dogs perform their best tricks. There are three tiers¬†for competitors. Beginner 3 tricks / Intermediate 5 tricks / Advanced: 7 tricks¬†

No experience is necessary. Fearful, anxious, and reactive dogs are welcome! Only one dog at a time will be in the facility.

The Behavior & Enrichment Center's June theme is Doggie Gym. You can reserve time to practice before the Doggie Olympics, if you're eager to get started!

                           JUNE 23      JUNE 24      JUNE 26      JUNE 27     JUNE 29



July: Painting w/Your Pup

Does your dog have a creative flair? Your dog may be the next PAWcasso! Reserve a spot for you and your pup. We’ll supply pup-safe paint, canvas, and studio space for your PAWcasso to create a masterpiece. We’ll snap a pic of your dog and their masterpiece to be entered into our digital Art Fair. During your 45-minute visit, your pup will create a masterpiece in their private art studio and then relax (or frolic) at our indoor beach party.

No experience is necessary. Fearful, anxious, and reactive dogs are welcome! Only one dog at a time will be in the facility.  

                                               July 11           July 18        July 25       


Pup Paint Party ‚Äď 4 dogs

Got doggy friends? Want a night out as a group? We can do that! Your pup and friends can reserve the studio for an hour. We’ll set up a studio spot for each dog and their human. And we’ll include a special treat at the end of the evening for each PAWcasso! The cost is $30 per dog/handler. Call 248-533-2194 for reservations.


August: Slobber Sleuth - Canine Escape Room

Can you and your canine companion find the clues and solve the mystery? Using your super powers (opposable thumbs & ability to read) plus your canine’s super powers (amazing sniffer), you can be a fabulous sleuthing team. Each week in August there will be a new mystery to solve. Slobber Sleuth team photos will be posted on our social media and in our facility. Teams who solve the mystery win a mystery prize!

Solve these mysteries: 

No experience is necessary. Fearful, anxious, and reactive dogs are welcome! Only one dog at a time will be in the facility. 

Preparing for Your Visit

1)  Healthy pups have more fun. If your pup is feeling under the weather, please reschedule your appointment. Your pup would rather stay home and rest.  Proof of current vaccination is required. 

*Dog less than 16 weeks: distemper/parvovirus/adenovirus combo

*Dogs over 16 weeks: Rabies, distemper/parvovirus/adenovirus combo

2) Dogs must be on a leash at all times outside the facility; including when walking to and from the car to the facility and going outside for breaks.

3) Electronic collars (e-collars, stem collars, vibration collars, tone collars, field collars) may not be worn inside The Learning Dog Academy facility.

4) Please remain in your car until your scheduled time. We need time between appointments to clean and prepare for your pup.

5) Please let us know if your dog needs additional support to feel safe or has medical challenges (ie, food allergies). We will do our best to accommodate.  Our goal is that every dog has a safe space to enjoy doin' doggie things.