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Hi, I'm Delores

Learning Dog Academy Founder

 Delores is the owner and founder of The Learning Dog Academy. Her curiosity is boundless! Her favorite question is, “Why?” Why do dogs do doggie things? Why do those doggie things annoy people? The “why” led her to discover the “how.”  Sharing the “how” has helped hundreds of people and their dogs learn to live life well in a multi-species family.

In addition to graduating from Karen Pryor Academy, Delores earned a certificate in Applied Animal Behavior from University of Washington.  She completed the Aggression in Dogs master’s course and the Unlocking Resiliency certificate course. Delores earned her MA in Communication at Michigan State University.

Why Choose The Learning Dog Academy?


The Learning Dog Academy is founded on the principle that developing a strong bond with your dog requires more than training. It’s about getting to know and understand each other. You are both learning. Your dog is learning how to live in a human-centric world. You are learning what your dog needs to be a happy dog. And a happy dog is a good dog. 

When you hire The Learning Dog Academy, whether you do private training, group classes, or a combination (and we recommend both), you may be surprised that our first goal is not training skills. Our top priority is helping you understand why your dog does doggie things that may annoy you. Then we provide solutions to meet your and your dog’s needs, which include exercise, enrichment, and skills (like coming when called and calming down). Our goal is to help you and your dog live life together.

All of our trainers are graduates of Karen Pryor Academy and Family Dog Mediation. Our training included understanding and applying learning theory, TAG teach, concepts of ethology, and the principles of humane training. Each of us has earned a variety of certificates and certifications, ensuring that the trainer you work is knowledgable about current best practices in humane training.

Meet The Team


We are a group of passionate and fun professionals eager to help you and your dog live the best life ever...together!

Hanna Gould

Alyssa Grosman 

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