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    Learn together. Play together. Stay Together.

    ​DogTraining & Behavior Consulting

    Helping your dog reach her potential

    NEW! Canine Fitness Dogs of all ages can benefit from Canine Fitnessl 


    Gym for dogs? Yes! Better strength, stability and balance improves quality of life for your dog: 

    • Seniors can improve flexibility & balance, which may help them move with greater ease

    • Puppies can improve stability and balance, which may help them improve overall fitness 

    • Sporting dogs can build strength and stability which may improve performance

    • It's fun for person and pet!


    Dog training focuses on building skills for good manners and obedience. 


    Choose dog training if your dog:

    • Drags you on walks

    • Potties in the house

    • Doesn't come when called

    • Uses the furniture for chew toys

    Behavior consulting addresses problems associated with fear, anxiety or aggression.

    Choose a behavior consultation if your dog:

    • Growls at family and friends

    • Protects objects like toys

    • Is shy or anxious around people or dogs

    • is reactive on leash

    • Displays behavior that concerns you


    Life with Dog

    Helping your and your dog live together

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    Doggie 101

    Helping you understand your dog


    Questions about life with your dog? Check out the resources in our Learning Library for tips & tricks to make life with dog GOOD!



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