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Dogs need to know more than sit-down-stay. A well-trained dog has learned the skills needed to live life with you. We prepare your dog to live in your world. Practical solutions for real world living together - just you and your dog.



What's right for your dog? 

Whether your dog needs better manners, a safe place to explore, or help with behavior problems, we have a solution for you!


Behavior & Enrichment Center

NEW! You can reserve the Behavior & Enrichment Center. Discover what "doggie" things your dog would choose to do - digging, exploring, sniffing, climbing, and more. 


Training: Private and Group Classes

We offer flexible training options that fit your schedule. Whether you choose private training or join one of our rolling enrollment classes, we have solutions for you and your dog. 



Living with an AARF dog (Aggressive, Anxious, or Reactive)? Our behavior modification programs are designed to help your dog live life better. Living with an AARF Dog is exhausting. We're here to support you, too. 

Behavior & Enrichment
Group Classes
AARF Support Group
1:1 Training


NEW! Behavior & Enrichment Center

Every dog needs off-leash time in a safe space. They need the opportunity to explore and make choices.  Dogs who are fearful or anxious benefit from these off-leash experiences. Dogs that are undersocialized gain confidence when they are able to practice making choices in safe places. 

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Coming in 2024! Learning Dog Radio

Wondering why your dog does the things they do? We explore why dogs do doggie things and how to manage the complexity of living in a multi-species home.

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What People Are Saying

Our clients' success speaks volumes.

"Delores has such a powerful connection with dogs and their behaviors. She helped us navigate some troubling adolescent behaviors that were evolving in our dog Quinn and taught us how to help Quinn through triggering events. Her positive training techniques are a game changer. Highly recommend Delores and her team!"

Jill & Quinn

 "I just had to send a text to let you know how well things are going. Our summer evenings have been spent tossing toys to Charlotte in our yard, leash-free, fence-free. That was our number one goal. You taught me how to work with Charlotte and train her, fear-free, and it has worked. She doesn't bolt anymore when we open the door. She trusts. Thank you! You work miracles. :) Alison 

Alison & Charlotte

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