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Dogs Doin' Doggie Things

What are doggie things, and why do they need to do them?  

Doggie things are those species-specific behaviors that all dogs do, like sniffing, digging, chewing, barking, jumping, and exploring. Dogs use these behaviors to learn and communicate. There may be times when expressing some of these behaviors is incompatible with your lifestyle. Even if we teach a dog to suppress their urges to jump or bark or sniff or chew, it doesn't change the biological need your dog has to express these normal behaviors. 

The Behavior & Enrichment Center is a safe place for dogs to do doggie things. It's a place where "house rules" are set aside so that dogs can be dogs. Dogs who are able to express normal behavior are calmer. And we all know that a calmer dog is easier to live with! Giving your dog time to do doggie things really is a win for you and your dog!

Single Session/ $30
5 Session Pkg/ $125