Training solutions for every dog...
because all dogs need training!

Puppy Pre-K: 10 - 20 weeks

Basic manners, beginning obedience

Puppy Kindergarten: 5-11 mos

Manners, beginning/intermediate  obedience

Manners & More: 1 yr and older

Basic manners, beginning obedience, emphasis on leash walking


For puppies & adults 6 mos and older


Rally O!



Doggie Zen


In-home training is a great way to help you new canine companion get started on the right paw! In addition to teaching your dog the "basics", the trainers at The Learning Dog Academy customize training so that your dog has the skills needed to be a great canine companion. 


2022 Summer Semester

Manners & Obedience Classes

Puppy Pre-K  $195/ Six 1-hour class sessions  


Puppy Kindergarten  $195/ Six 1-hour class sessions  ​​

Manners & More $195/ Six 1-hour class sessions      


Leash Walking & Recall $100/ Three1-hour class sessions  - This class focus' on leash walking and recall only, a great way to brush up on skills! 

Fun & Fitness Classes

Each class $195/ Six 1-hour class sessions

Nosework 1 - a fun class where dogs put their nose to work! 

Tricks for Treats@ - Trick training is a great way to keep your pup engaged while having fun together!

Weaves & Wobbles  - Canine Fun & Fitness - yes, gym for dogs! Weaves & Wobbles is an agility type class. Your dog will have fun taking on the weave poles and more. Great for dogs of all ages and abilities. Instructor: Delores

In Home & Private Training

Private training w/Alyssa

1-hour session $75

6 session package/$430

Private training w/Delores

1-hour session $100

5 session package/$480


Preparing for Group Class

Our commitment to you is providing a safe environment for you and your canine companion to have fun while learning together. We expect all group class participants to adhere to our class rules.

  • Dogs must be current on vaccinations per your veterinarians recommendation to attend group classes. Proof of vaccination must be provided before class begins. 

  • Dogs must remain on leash at all times.

  • Safe training gear is required: well-fitting harness or collar, 6' leash (no prongs, choke collars, shock collars or retractable leashes).

  • Be polite to others - if a person is disruptive during class, you will be asked to leave. Disruptive behaviors include: shoving/pushing your dog into position, jerking the leash, hitting or yelling at your dog. Our goal is providing a safe, stress free environment for both people and pets.