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    Do all dogs need training?? 

    Yes. When you bring a dog into your home it's important that you and your dog learn to communicate clearly and consistently with each other. A great place for that to happen is during training. And training is great for dogs of all ages!

    • Puppies are adorable, that's why we love them. But there are puppy behaviors that are less than endearing - like chewing the furniture or shoes and house soiling.


    • Not quite a puppy, but not a calm adult - get ready for adolescent antics! It happens to all dogs - boundless energy and sometimes new (and undesirable) behavior seems to appear out of no where.


    • Welcome home, Fido! Adding a new dog to the family is exciting. And then the honeymoon is over and it's time to really get to know each other.


    • Finally, the kids get that dog they've been asking for and all is not going quite as planned. We've been there and can help!

    The Learning Dog Academy has a variety of training options tailored to  meet your needs
    Manners & Obedience   

    Basic house manners: Polite greeting, Sit, Down, Recall, Leash manners


    Training @ Your Home  $90 per 1-hour session  /  $480 6-session prepaid training package


    Training @ The Learning Dog Academy $50 per 1-hour session        





    Day Training      

    Trainer works one-on-one with your dog - great way to improve skills or develop new ones while you're away!

     $75 per 1-hour session     



    Puppy Scouts     

    For puppies 20 weeks and younger, Puppy Scouts lays the foundation for a strong person-pet relationship. This 6-week class covers socialization, basic puppy skills and solving puppy problems. Class size limited to 4 puppies. Call 517-648-0648 for more information

     $150 6 1-hour classes  




    NEW! Canine Fitness      

    Improve your dog's strength, flexibility and stability with personalized canine fitness programs. Great for dogs of all ages!

     $50 per 45 min session     


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