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Looking for a FUN new group class? Try Ready, Set, Rally!

You may think, “I have no idea what Rally is.” Most people avoid things they do not know. Let me tell you about the newly updated class we call “Ready, Set, Rally,” our foundation Rally class.

Rally is leash work with your dog, but more fun and engaging than just going for a walk. Now I know you are thinking, “This sounds a lot like the Loose Leash Walking and Recall class. What’s different?” Rally really focuses on you and your dog as a team rather than just putting a leash on a dog and heading out the door. Think of it like walking downtown and having your dog paying attention to your every move. I love my loose-leash walking course, but I feel like Rally is taking it a step further.

Rally focuses on heeling while walking and always requires a loose leash from both ends of the leash. As a sport, Rally has 322 signs for the AKC competition ring. Ready, Set, Rally covers 24 signs. They range from a simple heeling with a sit to more advanced moves like your dog coming out of heel to sit in front of you, then the dog moving back around you and back into heel. In the Rally class, you and your dog will learn how to use these skills to navigate a Rally-type course in class.

Brekah and her handlers are a great example of how Rally has enriched their relationship. Brekah loves doing things with her owners. Since she started Ready, Set, Rally, her parents have said that she now offers heeling at random points of their walks! Rally is about spending time with your dog and building a strong person-pet team that we all know you can be!

Happy Training!

Alyssa Grosman KPA-CPT

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