Delores loves working with people and their pups. She’s witnessed first hand the joy that furry companions bring

to our lives. She’s also seen how misunderstanding leads to unhappiness for person and pet. Blending her passion

for the human-canine relationship with her professional, personal and volunteer experience, she’s ready to put her

expertise to work for you and your pup!

Delores is the founder of Learning Dog Academy. She is a certified professional dog trainer (Karen Pryor Academy).

An avid learner, she earned a certificate in Applied Animal Behavior (University of Washington), maintains her

certification as a fear free trainer and completed a certificate in Aggression in Dogs. She lives in Brighton, MI

with her husband and canine companions – Roadie, Kilo, Moonie, and Ursa, kitties - Oliver and Rosie, and a flock of hens.  ​


Mandy has a heart for all creatures! When she's not teaching her fabulous canines new things, she's busy

working with bunnies, hamsters and more. Mandy has a unique ability to engage with and motivate pets

(dogs, cats and exotics) to learn, explore and gain confidence.  Mandy shares her life with 3 amazing

canines - Kiba, Fenric and Annie, several well mannered cage free rabbits and a newly acquired rescue hamster. 

Alyssa's enthusiasm for helping dogs reach their potential is contagious! When a homeless, sick, scared little

Pittie pup wound up in her home, she said "challenge accepted." Today, Koda is healthy, well mannered and

confident. Taking his cue from Alyssa, Koda now loves puzzles, training games and adventuring with his best

human friend. Alyssa is a certified professional dog trainer (Karen Pryor Academy).

Lauren has a passion for understanding the canine mind and improving how we communicate with our furry

companions. She has proven that even an old dog can learn new tricks as she continues to teach her senior

dogs new skills! Along with her dogs Princess and Buddy, she enjoys the company of her

betta fish, crested gecko, and two ball pythons!