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Delores Carter is the founder of The Learning Dog Academy. She saw people and pets struggling to live well together. 

Helping multi-species families develop clear, compassionate cross-species communication became her goal

for every client.


Delores is a KPA-CTP, UW-AAB, and FDM. She completed the Aggression in Dogs master’s course and the Unlocking Resiliency

certificate course. Delores has a master’s degree in communication (Michigan State University).


Delores resides in Brighton, Michigan, with her husband, Brian, two dogs, Ursa & Roadie, two cats, Oliver & Rosie, and a flock

of hens.


Alyssa's enthusiasm for helping dogs reach their potential is contagious! When a homeless, sick, scared little Pittie pup

wound up in her home, she said "Challenge accepted." Today, Koda is healthy, well mannered, and confident. Taking his

cue from Alyssa, Koda now loves puzzles, training games and adventuring with his best human friend. Alyssa

is a certified professional dog trainer (Karen Pryor Academy).


Hanna is passionate about helping pups live their best life. She is skilled at reading body language, spotting anything

that's not quite right then formulating a solution. Her work in doggie daycares has given her a unique insight into what

motivates dogs. Hanna is a certified professional dog trainer (Karen Pryor Academy).  

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