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What people are saying about The Learning Dog Academy...

Summer fun!

"I just had to send a text to let you know how well things are going. Our summer evenings have been spent tossing toys to Charlotte in our yard, leash-free, fence-free. That was our number one goal. You taught me how to work with Charlotte and train her, fear-free, and it has worked. She doesn't bolt anymore when we open the door. She trusts. Thank you! You work miracles. :) Alison 

First time dog owners

"As first time dog owners, we would be lost without the Learning Dog Academy and Delores. Delores was a master at leading us through what to do with a new puppy. She customized a training plan for us based on our goals, life style, and individual needs. Having that specific training schedule made our transition with our puppy, Niko, made progress so much faster than a group class, and cost us less money in the long run. In addition, our whole family has learned and progressed together with sessions at our own home! Delores also has a wonderful style that makes us feel open about asking questions and is a joy to work with. I would very highly recommend the Learning Dog Academy!" ~Corrie and family

Happy people...good dog!

"Copper is doing so well! Not only is she happy, but she is barking so much less and is using her energy for good rather than evil. LOL! I just wanted to thank you for all of your help throughout the stressful process. We went from almost giving our dog to another family to adoring most moments spent with her. I honestly cannot thank you enough! ~Hannah & family

From Energizer Bunny to calm canine...

"11-month old Zoey was adopted in October and returned in April because she 'bit' a three year old. The parents weren't in sight, but think they were playing tug. She knew all the basic commands, was very responsive and we were told she was crate-trained and good w/other dogs in the dog park. 


Well, as it turns out, yes, she was all those things they said, but she'd often cringe when given a request, would run when asked to get in her crate, and very sensitive to having her collar touched. She had non-stop energy and would constantly jump at, bark at, and poke the other dogs.


Fast forward a few weeks with Delores-style positive reinforcement interaction and everyone is living in peace, especially Zoey!  She happily goes in her crate, goes for long walks around the hood (somewhat loose-leash :) ) and plays very well with all the other dogs.


A dramatic display of her transformation happened this morning when workmen returned to my backyard. They've been working and making noise for several days and it sent Zoey into a barking, anxiety frenzy. We've worked on re-directing and rewarding each time. When they arrived this morning, she gave them a few barks through the window and I called her into another room. She still had access to go back to the window, but look what she's chosen to do!! Unbelievable! No treat, just a 'good dog' and a pat and she's truly settled while they bang around outside! I've never had a dog who

so dramatically displays the difference between negative and positive reinforcement; and learning behavior vs. just learning commands. 

So once again, thank you for the tons and tons you taught me about understanding dogs and using positive techniques to teach

them and  structure their behavior rather than just train them to react to a command. It's totally transformed Zoey from an

anxiety-riddled Energizerbunny into a very happy, loads of fun, delight to have around, great dog!" ~Karen

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