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November 3, 2016

Walking is such a normal, mundane activity. It can quickly become just another item on the to-do list – walk the dog…check. Ho hum, no fun for anyone!

What makes the walk important? Well, many things (I’ll get into that later), but a different and more pressing question...

November 3, 2016

People share an amazing bond with their dogs. At the heart of the human/canine bond is communication. Misunderstanding often leads to unwanted behavior and frustration.

Learning to communicate with my dogs improved our quality of life. Understanding what was normal dog...

July 16, 2016

Going to the vet can be a frightening experience for your canine companion. There are lots of strange smells – some very off putting to a dog’s super sensitive nose. Then there are all those strangers – other dogs, cats, small animals and people. Even well socialized d...

July 15, 2016

We just moved to a different state – canines and humans piled into the car and off we went on a new adventure. Now that we’re almost settled into our new home, there are many little details to attend. Along with getting new drivers licenses, finding new doctors and set...

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September 25, 2017

November 3, 2016

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