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Video Library

The video library is a supplement to your training program. Most of our videos feature The Learning Dog Academy trainers and their personal pets. Videos featuring client dogs are posted with permission.


Hello! Welcome to The Learning Dog Academy! We're excited to work with you and your dog! We've created this orientation video to prepare you for your first group class. Maybe you're just curious about what we do - this video is for you, too. 

Exploration Walk

What’s an exploration walk? It’s a time for your dog to be a dog. While your dog is doin’ doggie things, you can learn about your dog. It’s a great time to practice checking in and recall, too. Ursa and I do exploration walks every day. This was our first time at a local SniffSpot. It’s become a favorite. 


Ursa is wearing a Freedom-No Pull harness with a 20’ long line. This is normal walking gear for her. 


What I love about this kind of walk is learning about Ursa. Watch how she navigates the trail, moving from side to side, then going off the trail to explore.  I love watching her observe the environment – head up, alert, paw raised for a moment, drinking in the sights, sounds, and odors. Then she’s off to the next thing. Watch for her to check in with me. Sometimes I prompt her (“Ursa”), and sometimes, she checks in on her own. We do a bit of recall, too. 

The Environmentally Sensitive Dog

Ursa is an environmentally sensitive dog. What does that mean? She's keenly aware of sudden changes in the environment. And that's exactly what she's supposed to do! Great Danes are part of the Guardian Breed dogs. What I love about this group is their laid-back attitude, the ultimate couch potato. Until something changes, then WOOOOF! 

Understanding their genetics helps us understand how to approach training. As a Guardian Breed, Ursa needs to check out what's going on around her. This affects how she responds to cues. Pausing, and going at her pace, gives her the opportunity to observe, analyze and choose her response. Allowing her that opportunity strengthens our relationship. 

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